Our Group’s strategy aims, from the outset, at balanced, diversified and yet dynamic growth, underpinned by both greenfield developments and market acquisitions. Bond issuance creates one of the most important funding source for our continuous development and operation. ALTEO’s last, 30 March 2017 private bond issue closed with a significant oversubscription, since institutional investors submitted valid subscription offers for more than 261,000 bonds, compared to the 215,000 bonds offered for sale. Thanks to the funding raised, the company is able to exploit opportunities in new investments effectively through its increased cash-flow.

The growth of the ALTEO Group would not have been possible without the Company’s sound and sustainable fund-raising strategy. Since 2011 we have raised the funds essential for our operation and growth through multi-round bond issue, sold to both retail and institutional investors.

Bond serial number Volume
(HUF Million)
Duration (year) Issue date Maturity date Interest paying mode Coupon rate/ discount bond value1 Type ISIN number Prospectus / press release
2022/I 650 5 2017.01.10 2022.01.10 zero coupon 76,70% exclusive HU0000357405 press release*
2022/II 1694 3 2019.06.07 2022.06.07 zero coupon 88,92% exclusive HU0000359005 prospectus*
NKP/2029 8600 10 2019.10.28 2029.10.28 annual interest payment 3,15% exclusive HU0000359252 prospectus*
NKP/2031 3800 11 2020.10.08 2031.10.08 annual interest payment 2,45% open HU0000360003 prospectus*

1 – In the case of zero coupon, the discount bond value is indicated, while in the case of coupon rate, the annual interest rate on the face value is shown.

* – Please note, that these documents are only available in Hungarian.

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